Skyforge online review – Robotic mythical stuff

This is a short review for the online game that i’ve been playing from the past few days. Now i’m  huge Leauge of legends player and a few days ago a buddy came over and told me about this game and had it in his pen-drive. I thought i was totally not going to play an mmorpg in the times where most of the games are the same copy pastas of world of warcraft. I didn’t play the game despite having it in my PC for about three days and finally i decided to give it a try since i was getting too bored and holy cow! The game turned out to be amazing. I had absolutely no regrets that i spent the next 10 hours playing it. Its fantastic for a free to play mmo.

don’t tell me thats not badass

The graphics are extremely polished and look better then most of the mmos out there that try to deliver “innovative” artsyle but fail badly skyforge secures its art perfectly. Oh don’t get me started about the character creation, it is so in depth that you can even create your own in game persona! The next thing i suddenly noticed was the resource system it was all unique infact there are many aspects of the game that are unique well, since you’re reading my blog i thought i might give you something in return so if you feel like playing the game use this tool skyforge hack you can generate Argents using it. You can thank me later.

Once thing i had a problem with tho was the game changes heavily after you hit level 20 so much so that majority of your skills have to be changed even the gear and you are given a totally lame gear that you have to wear or you cant match to the new  difficulty other then that its pretty great.

The animation of the characters is extremely fluid and you won’t get that weird feeling that you get in some games where the frame change so drastically its almost creepy.

If i had to give it a rating i’d give it a solid 9/10.


What is all this about?

Some may find the title of this website kind of offensive but c’mon we all know those cute lil brats can be really annoying sometimes and you just tend to dislike them and that’s where the name of the blog comes from. I had to kind of randomly came up with the name and just decided to go with it.

93ec206bf2cbf67963e7b80127ab071a Well, let me introduce you to myself. I’m Edward and i like to experiment in games and try various stuff to get a edge compared to others and get better basically. I’m a programmer and likewise go to an programming college and test my skill in online games with my friends and we sometimes make some really amazing stuff like last week we managed to create a working bot for this game called elsword. The project was really fun and the guys were really nerdy but fun at the same time.

Should you hate grey squirrels?

Absolutely. These creatures are an abomination to humanity and might as well be plotting destroy it all together. We must be aware, the look in their eyes is definitely something to be weary of. We can only imagine what plans they might be plotting. It was shown in a recent study that they actually have just as much brain cells as a human which is really insane considering how small they are but hey, i won’t question a research made by credible researchers.